Gov’t reconstructing 1st economy congress’ building

Gov’t reconstructing 1st economy congress’ building

Gov’t reconstructing 1st economy congress’ building

The government is reconstructing the building where the First İzmir Economy Congress was held in the Aegean province in 1923, shortly after the end of the Turkish War of Independence, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati has said.

On Feb. 17, 2023, 100 years after the one in 1923, 6th İzmir Economy Congress with broad participation will be held in the same place with the coordination of the ministry, Nebati said, speaking at the press conference held for the promotion of the congress to be held next year.

“We are claiming this heritage and rapidly reconstructing the building where the first congress was held, in the same place and completely faithful to its original.”

Reminding that the historical building was demolished in 1979, the minister said, “Our friends continue to work hard to finish the construction quickly, I hope the building will be completed as soon as possible.”

Nebati stated that just as the 1923 congress was held with the participation of delegates representing different parts of the nation from all over Türkiye, the sixth congress “would be held with the same approach.”

“All our aim, all our efforts and every step we take have taken root in the spirit of the War of Independence itself and have progressed with the same spirit and enthusiasm.”

The first congress was held in İzmir during the interval between the two conferences that led to the Lausanne Treaty the same year. The conference was held in order to emphasize the importance of Turkish economic development, as the country had been shattered by years of war. Early Turkish economic policy was articulated at this congress.

The newborn republic was to have a mixed economy, as advised by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Türkiye. His conjunctural words have long been quoted by the statist economists in Türkiye in an effort to justify the state’s role in the economy.