Gov’t may seize mask producing plants

Gov’t may seize mask producing plants

Gov’t may seize mask producing plants

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Turkey will seize factories of protective mask producers unless they agree to sell those devices to the government or companies, the interior minister has warned. 

“We have been trying to deal with this problem for the past two days,” Soylu said in an interview on March 22 broadcast live on social media.

The authorities on March 21 simultaneously raided the facilities of mask producers across the country, he said.

“We once again told them to sign contracts to sell the masks products to the Health Ministry. They are still showing reluctance. “We will buy these masks for a good price,” Soylu added.

The mask producers had been given a 10 to 12 hours deadline which was set to expire at 8 p.m. yesterday to ink deals with the Health Ministry, Soylu explained.

“If they did not comply, we will seize their factories. We have the authority to do that and we will not hesitate,” he said. 

The minister noted that some of those producers stockpile the masks at their warehouses but are not selling them. 

Soylu also said that the curfew imposed on people who are aged 65 and over and also those who suffer from chronic illnesses cover some 10 million citizens of Turkey. 

Following the curfew, the authorities received more than 30,000 calls from people seeking assistance. “We met around 27,000 of those requests,” the minister said. 

Individuals who ignore the calls for staying at home will face administrative fines, or they could be sued for endangering public health, Soylu added.

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