Golden Orange Fest reflected in a movie

Golden Orange Fest reflected in a movie

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Golden Orange Fest reflected in a movie

Nebil Özgentürk, director, will be the prducer and the director of the new Golden Orange Festival movie. Hürriyet photo

A documentary film produced by Nebil Özgenturk and his team is being made for the 50th anniversary of Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, which will be held between Oct. 4 and 11. This year the festival will be held for the 50th time.

The film will cover many historical areas and venues, and will also include interviews with writers and journalists on the different eras of the festival. The film will be focusing on the 50 years of the festival and the developments it has gone through over time. It will also focus on the Aspendos and Dytambros shows and how they evolved up to today.

“We took inspiration from the colorful environment of the festivals. Over the last 10 years the festival has become a parade of stars and this is our inspiration … We worked with many people and interviewed many journalists,” Özgentürk said.

He also noted that the documentary would particularly focus on 1979 and 1980, years in which the festival was stopped.

Archeology Professor Nevzat Çevik discusses Antalya in the documentary while urban historian Hüseyin Çimrin explained Antalya in the 1950s. The making of the festival and how it first originated is also featured in the documentary.

The former local mayor from the 1970s, Selahattin Tonguç, is also in the documentary speaking about his own memories of Antalya and the festival.