Golden Boll cancels all the concerts

Golden Boll cancels all the concerts

ADANA - Doğan News Agency
Golden Boll cancels all the concerts

Yeni Türkü band member Derya Köroğlu saing with the crowd at Golden Boll festival and protested the terrorist attacks. DHA photo

Concerts scheduled as part of the Golden Boll Festival in Adana were canceled Sept. 18 out of respect for 10 soldiers who were killed earlier in the day in a militant attack in eastern Turkey.

May in the audience who came to listen to Turkish band Yeni Türkü protested both the terror incident and the decision to cancel the show.

The screening of a documentary film about Yeni Türkü, filmed by journalist Can Dündar, was originally set to be followed by a concert from the band. However, the concert was canceled because of the attack which killed 10 and injured around 70. A total of 500 people came for the documentary film’s premier, including Dündar, the members of Yeni Türkü and Adana Deputy Mayor Zihni Aldırmaz. An exclusive interview with Dündar and Derya Köroğlu and Selim Atakan of Yeni Türkü was held after the screening. News of the terrorist attack was announced as the live interview concluded at 4:30 p.m.

A festival organizer announced that all the music events associated with the Golden Boll Festival had been canceled due to the terror events. Following the announcement, audience members protested both the recent terror events and the decision to cancel the concerts.

While some 300 people left the salon, many stayed and said the decision to cancel was not the right thing to do and that the concerts should go on in protest of the recent wave of terror incidents. After the incident some sang the Turkish Republic’s 10th Anniversary March. Köroğlu sang some of the band’s songs with the audience that stayed behind.