Göbeklitepe gains more fame in two years

Göbeklitepe gains more fame in two years

Göbeklitepe gains more fame in two years

The interest from Turkey and abroad is growing in Göbeklitepe, which is described as “the zero point of history” and has left its second year behind in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thanks to this title, thousands of people from many countries of the world, from Europe to Far East, from America to Africa, are visiting the ancient settlement.

The site, located in Örencik district in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, 18 kilometers from the city center, is a settlement belonging to the Neolithic period. It was discovered by researchers from Istanbul and Chicago universities during a survey in 1963. The most concrete findings were revealed with a statue found by a farmer in his field in 1986. Considering that the stone is valuable, the farmer handed it over to the officials of the Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum.

The statue, which was not understood at first, was taken under protection in the museum. Later, German professor Klaus Schmidt, who came to the city to dig in Nevali Çori in Hilvan and saw the finds in the museum, started carrying out a detailed study considering that these sculptures are very important and the excavations were initiated in 1995 in the region.

Göbeklitepe was included in the World Heritage List at the 42nd World Heritage Committee Meeting held in Bahrain on July 1, 2018.

The site has increased its recognition in the world with this title two years ago, experienced the “golden age” in tourism last year with the declaration of 2019 as the “Year of the Göbeklitepe.”

Göbeklitepe, which was closed for three months this year due to the pandemic, became the most visited ruin during this period within the scope of the virtual museum application of the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

With the normalization process that started on June 1, Göbeklitepe continues to host its guests in accordance with the rules of mask, social distance and hygiene.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, the Şanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman of the Tourism Professional Committee, Kamil Türkmen, said that Göbeklitepe has become an indispensable tour route like Balıklıgöl also in the same province.

“Thanks to Göbeklitepe, we are now hosting a world heritage. This heritage was registered by UNESCO two years ago. Last year was the Year of Göbeklitepe. It has become the number one destination in all travel plans and routes in this two-year period. It is pleasing that Göbeklitepe is number one on the list in all tours of faith, culture and gastronomy.”

Şanlıurfa Regional Chamber of Tourist Guides chairman Müslüm Çoban said that the Year of Göbeklitepe contributed to all provinces of the region.

“We have the potential to welcome 2 million visitors in the region. Göbeklitepe Year is over, but interest in Göbeklitepe will increase in the coming years. We think that we will host more visitors with the normalization process towards fall,” he said.