Gallipoli Underwater Park opens to diving tourism

Gallipoli Underwater Park opens to diving tourism

Gallipoli Underwater Park opens to diving tourism

The warships that sank 106 years ago on the Historical Gallipoli Peninsula, where the Dardanelles War took place, were opened to tourism as the Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park.

The war wrecks of Çanakkale turned into the first underwater park with the theme of World War I. Diving enthusiasts will discover the mystery of 14 sunken ships, including the British Royal Navy’s HMS Majestic, which sunk 106 years ago off the Seddülbahir Castle.

The Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park, which provides 14 diving points on an area of 150 kilometers, is made up of HMS Majestic, Ertuğrul Bay Massena and Saghalien ship ruins, Helles Barge, Tekke Bay (W Beach) shipwrecks, Arıburnu Barge, Küçükkemikli Barges Arıburnu Layter, Lundy, HMS Louis’, S.S. Milo, Tuzla, Undersea Mania Network, Bebek Cliffs’ and HMS Triumph.

In the opening ceremony, which was held on Oct. 2 at the Seddülbahir Castle, Ismail Kaşdemir, the head of Dardanelles Wars Gallipoli Historical Site, said, “We are opening the Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park of Çanakkale diving center, which we believe will become the most important diving center in the world within a short time. There was a great war at sea as well as land wars in Çanakkale, it was a great struggle.”

“As a result of this great struggle, there was a great history under the sea. It has now become a beautiful destination where an underwater park was formed in an area of 150 square kilometers with 14 different diving points. Of course, there are different shipwrecks at every diving center but in Çanakkale, every shipwreck has a story. This will be a meeting point both in Turkey and in the world,” he added.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister Nadir Alpaslan said that Çanakkale has an important potential in terms of history, culture and diving tourism, and added, “People from all parts of the world will flock to this place and it will lead to its further development.”

The opening ceremony ended with a show by the Antalya State Opera and Ballet “Venice Ensemble” Group.