French senator to launch 'crusade' on genocide law

French senator to launch 'crusade' on genocide law

French senator to launch crusade on genocide law

General view of the hemicycle during a debate about the right to vote in local elections for foreigners at the French Senate in Paris. REUTERS photo

French Senator Nathalie Goulet has criticized a law penalizing denial of Armenian genocide allegations, saying she will go on a “crusade” to prevent the law's approval by the Senate.

"I will go on a crusade against Valeri Boyer's draft law," Goulet said, referring to a law that sought to penalize the denial of Armenian genocide claims with a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros. 

Any attempt at oppression would hurt France's stance, Goulet said, adding that conflicts should be resolved through discussion in democracies. She also said she was against laws about the collective memories of peoples.  

Goulet also called on Turkish foundations in France to act reasonably and stay calm. 

Michel Diefenbacher of the ruling UMP, meanwhile, accused the Socialist Party of acting hypocritically for voting in favor of the draft law after condemning it as an election ploy.

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