French prosecutor reveals more details on arrested suspect in Paris killings

French prosecutor reveals more details on arrested suspect in Paris killings

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet
French prosecutor reveals more details on arrested suspect in Paris killings

Photo by Nicolas Messyasz/ABACAPRESS.COM

French prosecutor François Molin has revealed more details over the identity of 20-year-old Ömer Güney, the prime suspect in the murder of three Kurdish activists in Paris on Jan. 9.

Güney is officially under investigation for “attempting or committing murder through in connection to a terrorist organization,” Molin said.

French investigations revealed that Güney reportedly first entered the Paris office with Sakine Cansız, one of the victims, about an hour before the women were shot to death execution-style. He stayed inside for about 20 minutes before departing alone. He returned to the office nearly 10 minutes later, remaining for 45 minutes.

The time frame of Güney entering and exiting the building reportedly matches the estimated times of the murders. He was the last person to be seen with Cansız on security cameras, according to official findings.

Güney was reportedly on bad terms with Cansız for personal reasons.

Güney had entered and left Turkey three times in the last year and had no criminal records in the country. He stayed in Istanbul for several months as well, eventually returning to Germany where he had been residing despite having family in the Garges-les-Gonesse district of France. The suspect has also been a member of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for the past two years.

He was taken into custody once in Holland in 2009 while working for Roj TV, which he had been reporting for since 2007.

Fourth person in the room

French officials have focused their inquires on Güney on the basis of a fourth cup in the kitchen of the office, hinting that Güney was the last person to see Cansız before the murder.

French forces found gun powder residue on a briefcase which may have been used to hide the murder weapon. The briefcase was found in Güney’s car.

Güney has denied all accusations, claiming that the gun was planted to frame him.

Investigations are continuing on Güney’s involvement in the case.

The women were killed in an execution-style attack as a new round of peace talk was launched between the Turkish government and Abdullah Öcalan, the imprisoned leader of the PKK.