Four mine workers killed in northwestern Turkey

Four mine workers killed in northwestern Turkey

ZONGULDAK – Doğan News Agency
A total of four mine workers were killed and one wounded in accidents which occurred on the same day at separate coal mines in in the northwestern province of Zonguldak.

Three workers were killed due to a coal gas leak at an unlicensed coal mine in the city, which had already been locked up and sealed. The bodies of the workers, identified as Yaşar Özerdoğan, 53, İsmail Altun, 24, and Mustafa Özalpuğan, 54, were recovered from the mine in the morning hours of Dec. 6.

The owner of the unlicensed mine, İ. K., ordered the mine to be opened just three days ago from prison, where he is serving his sentence on charges of damaging public property, according to the reports.

The workers were reportedly working at the mine for 60 Turkish Liras per day. 

Meanwhile, one worker was killed and another one was wounded in an accident at a mine administered by the Turkish Hard Coal Institute (TTK). 

Azmi Kara and Hakkı Gebeş fell from the locomotive while working 260 meters under the ground. The workers were immediately taken to nearby hospitals, however, 40-year-old Kara could not be saved.
Investigations into both incidents are ongoing.