Four-day bear cub found almost frozen

Four-day bear cub found almost frozen

ZONGULDAK - Anadolu Agency
Four-day bear cub found almost frozen

Officials took the bear cub to a zoo. It will be moved to a rehabilitation center. DHA photo

A four-day-old bear cub, which was found two days ago frozen in the northern province of Zonguldak’s Alaplı district, has been receiving treatment. 

A citizen found the bear cub on the side of the road in Aydınyayla village and informed the Forestry and Water Affairs Directorate. Officials from the directorate took the cub to a zoo in Gökçebey for its protection and treatment. 

Forestry and Water Affairs Zonguldak Director Sezgin Örmeci said the first health inspection showed the cub’s health condition was critical, but it was rescued. Örmeci said the bear weighed nearly 500 grams, adding, “The bear is being fed every two-three hours. We wanted to bring it together with its mother, but could not find the traces of the mother bear. The cub is planned to be moved to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Celal Acar Wildlife Protection and Rehabilitation Center.” 

Örmeci said the bear cub would be under their care for a few more days in Zonguldak and transferred to a place under the protection of a veterinary. 

Zoo official Tuncer Gençoğlu said the bear’s health was in good condition.