Fossils of prehistoric era's top predator unveiled

Fossils of prehistoric era's top predator unveiled

Fossils of prehistoric eras top predator unveiled

Thalattoarchon saurophagis. Credit: John Weinstein, The Field Museum, Chicago

Fossils of a giant dolphin-shaped reptilian predator, which survived the greatest mass extinction in the Earth's history and became the ocean's top predator 244 million years ago, have recently been discovered, accordingto

This newly discovered species was formally named Thalattoarchon saurophagis, or "lizard-eating ruler of the sea." Thalattoarchon was the greatest carnivore of its time with its 8.6 meters length, and was a member of marine reptiles that evolved from land reptiles. 

Its survival story from a dying-off that hit 80-96 percent of all ocean species 8 million years ago may shed a light on the ecosystem recovery issue, which may explain more clearly the processes of evolution.

The discovery may also be helpful in explaining how the planet could fight against the ongoing mass extinction being caused by humans now, scientists told

The newly found fossils are now being kept at the Field Museum in Chicago.