Former Turkish football chief has ‘no regrets’

Former Turkish football chief has ‘no regrets’

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Former Turkish football chief has ‘no regrets’

Mehmet Ali Aydınlar has resigned as TFF boss amid intense pressure. AA photo

Former Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydınlar said he had no regrets regarding his controversial term and promised to pay any compensation to Fenerbahçe if his administration is found guilty of wrongdoing.

Aydınlar made his first public appearance after resigning from the post last month amid the gripping match-fixing investigation.

“I have no regrets on my presidency. I believe in fate and I was supposed to live through this,” said Aydınlar, who has been under pressure for what he did and didn’t do during his seven-month spell.

While several clubs’ chairmen were criticizing Aydınlar for his slow-pace in imposing sanctions against the teams charged with match-fixing, Fenerbahçe, who was at the center of allegations, hit out at the former TFF boss for his decision to bar the club from the Champions League.

Fenerbahçe has opened a case at Court of Arbitration in Sport seeking compensation worth 45 million euros from the TFF and UEFA.

Aydınlar said he “would pay that amount” if the TFF is found guilty, but warned the club would be hit with a heavier ban if it loses the case.

The former TFF chief also said several clubs might be hit with sanctions in March.

So far, a total of 93 club officials, footballers and coaches were listed as suspects as part of the match-fixing case, in which eight clubs are involved.

Hüsnü Güreli is currently the caretaker chairman and elections will be held on Feb. 27.