Flag-carrier ‘has no intention of featuring Clooney’ in ads

Flag-carrier ‘has no intention of featuring Clooney’ in ads

Flag-carrier ‘has no intention of featuring Clooney’ in ads

The highest-ranking official of Turkish Airlines refuted allegations that the U.S. movie star George Clooney would appear in the advertisements of the company.

“I really admire him personally, but in no way did we attempt to feature him in a commercial,” said İlker Aycı, the flag carrier’s chairman of the board.

Speaking to the U.K.-based Guardian newspaper on Oct. 2021, Clooney said he was offered $35 million for one day’s work making a commercial for an unnamed airline but turned down the deal and a hefty paycheck after discussing it with his spouse Amal Clooney, a prominent human rights lawyer.

The Hollywood star said the company is associated with a country that is “questionable” despite being an ally, noting that he eventually rejected the offer since it was not worth it.

The reference to “an ally” has seen some claim on social media that the country in question was Turkey and the company was Turkish Airlines.

“We, as Turkish Airlines, are an award-winning company that has agreements with many important advertising stars or significant faces in the world,” Aycı said, adding that the astronomical wages spoken are already contrary to the examples in the world.

“Companies like us don’t negotiate on industry rates. We’ve never been formally interested in the name George Clooney, we’ve never had such an offer,” Aycı noted.

Celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Costner were featured in Turkish Airlines’ previous advertisements.