Five-gram ‘baby watermelons’ for sale

Five-gram ‘baby watermelons’ for sale

ANTALYA – Demirören News Agency
Five-gram ‘baby watermelons’ for sale

A local agricultural company in the southern province of Antalya growing micro-sized special fruits and vegetables has now begun selling “baby watermelons” weighing only five grams.

“The baby watermelons look like watermelons, but taste like cucumbers,” said Burak Akbulut, the marketing manager of Erüst Tarım, which grows these special products in greenhouses in Antalya and the neighboring province of Burdur.

Akbulut said they began selling the baby watermelons online after a year-long pilot production.

The price of a pack of 100-150 grams is 15-20 Turkish Liras ($2-2.7).

Akbulut said he thinks that because they’re very easy to eat, customers were highly into the baby watermelons.

“You can eat it like a plum, one after another. It tastes like a cucumber. It also can be used in salads or appetizers with yoghurt.”

He stressed that growing baby watermelons is harder than growing normal-sized ones.

“We neither use agricultural pesticide nor adjust the genes of the seeds.”

The company produces baby watermelons 12 months a year in greenhouses.