Fire system at palaces revealed

Fire system at palaces revealed

Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer Çelik has made an announcement about fire extinguishing methods taken at Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace and Yıldız Palace, daily Hürriyet reported today. The minister said that special systems were used according to each section, adding, “In case of fire, the fire department reaches the palace in six minutes.”

Çelik said that water extinguisher systems were present in the yards of the Topkapaı Palace, adding, “Water systems exist in the seraglio section. There are also fire cabinets and hydrants in certain places. A fire sensing system exists in the royal favorites section. In 11 parts of the palace there are fire sensing systems and extinguishing systems in three parts. The fabric storage and the archive have carbon dioxide fire extinguisher systems. An argon gas extinguishing system is in the Agalar Mosque.”

The minister said that the Relics section had a fire sensing system with air sampling while the treasure section did not have any fire sensing system. He added that in case of a fire breaking out, the fire department could reach the Topkapı Palace in six minutes. He also said that trainings on the subject were periodically given at the palace.

“The fire sensing systems will be set up all over the palace and all electricity wires have been renewed. There is also a fire department in the Sur-I Sultani section of museums,” he added.

As for the Yıldız Palace, Çelik said that the palace had water extinguishing systems.