Ferzan Özpetek honored in Venice

Ferzan Özpetek honored in Venice

ROME – Anadolu Agency
Ferzan Özpetek honored in Venice

Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek, who has been living in Italy, received the Special Soundtrack Stars Award at the Venice Film Festival.

Although not included in the official program of the 76th annual festival, the Film Music Stars Award was given to Özpetek, who is known for using music effectively in his films, with the evaluation of the jury.

Özpetek said that he had so far received many awards, but this award for film music had a different meaning. The master director said that he was very pleased to be appreciated in this field.

Meanwhile, Özpetek’s installation, “Venetika,” which he made for the Venice Biennial, receives great interest, too.

Özpetek said that a special screening was made the day before for the installation, which is starring Kasia Smutniak and presenting Sezen Aksu’s music.

“Venice, of course, has interacted with many cultures throughout history. It is a place that interacted with the Ottomans and Turks, too. I tried to explain Venice with reflections on the water, which is an inseparable part of this city, where everyone can find something of themselves,” he said.