Fenerium to expand abroad

Fenerium to expand abroad

Demet Cengiz Bilgin ISTANBUL / Hürriyet
Fenerium to expand abroad

A Fenerbahçe footballer and fans are at a Fenerium store in this file photo. AA photo

Fenerium, the official retail store chain of the Fenerbahçe sports club, has announced plans to open branches in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

“There is demand [for Fenerium products] from abroad. We are expanding abroad in 2012. There is substantial demand in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. We will open Fenerium stores in these countries,” said Abdullah Kiğılı, the vice president of the club.

Kiğılı also owns Kiğılı Giyim, a company active in the design, manufacture, retail, and wholesaling of men’s clothing in Turkey.

Supporters of Fenerbahçe have been rushing to Fenerium stores to show solidarity with the club, which has fallen on hard times due to an ongoing match-fixing case.

Fenrbahçe fans have helped Fenerium register record sales volumes, he said, adding that the total turnover for 2011 was 60 million Turkish Liras while the licensing income amounted to 5 million liras.

The sales volume has increased 52 percent since the match-fixing probe started last July, he said, adding that female supporters’ share of the turnover was 25 percent.

“The supporters started purchasing merchandise that they normally would not buy in order to support the club,” he said.