Female politicians ‘forced to give up family': CHP deputy

Female politicians ‘forced to give up family': CHP deputy

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Female politicians ‘forced to give up family: CHP deputy

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Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Selin Sayek Böke has said female politicians are forced to give up on family life to have a sustainable political life, stressing the ongoing gender inequality in parliament and society.

“Our share as women lawmakers in parliament is 15 percent. It is too little. My mom had announced her candidacy to be CHP deputy, but she was not elected. My mom told me she said in a conversation with a lawmaker that ‘politics should be made easier for women.’ The lawmaker said in response that women should ‘give up on money, time and family,’ my mom said,” Böke said, during a panel on the position of women in society in the Aegean province of İzmir on Dec. 4.

“Women are forced to give up on their family to enter parliament,” Böke said.

Böke said Turkey was ranked 140th on the world gender equality list and noted how vital the separation of authority in a family was for female lawmakers.

“The reason why women partake less in politics lies within our culture, our concept of ‘woman’ and how we describe women both in our family and society,” Böke said.