Fathers of children with autism to get early retirement

Fathers of children with autism to get early retirement

Fathers of children with autism to get early retirement The right to early retirement, which is only provided to the mothers of autistic children who are in need of constant care, will be expanded to include fathers as well as other persons responsible for caring for the children as part of a new government plan.

The National Action Plan for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), prepared by the Family and Social Policies Ministry, includes a number of new measures to educate autistic children, increase social awareness and develop supportive mechanisms for the families of children with autism, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Dec. 7.

In this context, the plan includes the provision “of early retirement to those who are ASD and are in need of care, as well as mothers or fathers and those who are obliged to look after [people with ASD].”

The Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 will be amended in order to ensure that fathers also benefit from the new arrangement, the report said.

Mothers who have children with severe disabilities who are in need of care will receive one day of additional premiums for every four days of premiums paid in the social security system, while these periods will be deducted from the retirement age limits.

Mothers whose children with disabilities are cared for at boarding institutions cannot benefit from the clause.
According to the action plan covering the years 2016-2019, “Family Support Units” will be established for children and their families with ASD at primary health care institutions.

The units, which are slated to be opened by 2019, will provide counseling and monitoring services for families with ASD children.

In addition, new units will be established at provincial directorates of the Family and Social Policies Ministry for the families. On the web site of the ministry, easily accessible web portals and publications will be created to inform the families.

Regulations will also be introduced for children with autism who are trained in integration classes within the framework of the action plan, which also includes the enhancement of the quality of educational services for families.

According to this, new applications will be developed for students and teachers such as in-class and out-of-school support, individual education, small group organization, shadow teaching practice and more school guidance services.