Farmville becomes real in Aegean province

Farmville becomes real in Aegean province

Mete Tamer Omur ISTANBUL/ Hürriyet
Farmville becomes real in Aegean province

A Turkish engineer takes the Farmville expreince to the real world.

A Turkish engineer has adapted Farmville, an online farming game, to real life by developing an application, sponsored by Turkcell.

A senior engineer in the department of fisheries, Semih Salnur, developed the application and now he carries the vegetables, which are ‘cultivated via internet’ to the cultivators.

The project was originally started four years ago, Salnur said.

“People want to have their own garden to cultivate their own vegetables. We wanted to make this dream real,” he noted.

He said that a greenhouse was built for the project in the Aegean city of İzmir. There are now 650 one-square meters of gardens. People pay 10-15 liras to rent these gardens a month.

“They can water or fertilize the gardens by using the application we developed via mobile phone or computer. When these missions are not completed, the system does this itself, but punishes the users.

When the users perfectly complete their missions, the system rewards them,” he said, adding that the users of the application would also feed chickens in the future.