Famous residences of Hermolaos in Tripolis

Famous residences of Hermolaos in Tripolis

Famous residences of Hermolaos in Tripolis

Excavations have continued since 2012 in the ancient city of Tripolis, located in the Yenicekent district of the western province of Denizli’s Buldan, at the northwest end of the Çürüksu Valley. The ancient city is home to the remains of public and civil architecture of the city, spreading over an area of approximately 3 kilometers on the southern slope of a hill overlooking the valley.

During the excavations, carried out under the direction of Pamukkale University Archeology Department Lecturer Professor Bahadır Duman, significant information was obtained about the residences in Tripolis.

“In the city, which had a very important population during the Roman Imperial Period, most of the buildings of public and civil architecture, such as stadium, theater, bath, parliament building, city gates, avenues, streets and residential buildings have been unearthed. Excavations were carried out in the Residence Area for five seasons between 2013 and 2021, and it was seen that many civilian residences were designed for the elite of Tripolis during the ancient age in the southern part of the city, overlooking Çürüksu Valley and Greater Menderes.”

Noting that on the pedestal of a statue of Hermolaos, which was found in the ancient city and read for the first time by Pierre Paris in 1884, they found information about famous residences of Tripolis, Duman said the following:

“Very important epigraphical data about the residences in Tripolis was found on the statue of Hermolaos, who lived in the middle of the 4th century A.D. in Tripolis and served as a senator in Rome. On the pedestal of the statue, there is an inscription written in Greek: ‘If you want to know more about Hermolaos’ family and his wonderful works, the witnesses will be the people of the city and his famous residences.’ In this poetic text praising Hermolaos and his hometown Tripolis, the people of Tripolis express their pride for having their citizen Hermolaos in the Roman Senate. The expression ‘famous residences’ in the inscription mentions the Tripolis residences, whose floors were covered with mosaics and walls were decorated with colorful frescoes.”

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