Famous flamenco group ready to shake Istanbul

Famous flamenco group ready to shake Istanbul

Famous flamenco group ready to shake Istanbul

Famous flamenco dance group Los Vivancos will be on the Istanbul stage on Dec. 16 with its latest show “Born to Dance.”

Los Vivancos, which brings together six brothers and is recognized as one of the greatest dance phenomena of the last decade, will be on the TİM Show Center stage combining flamenco, classic ballet and modern dance.

Speaking about the show, the group said it is “a fun and electrifying show, a technological and choreographic extravaganza that we hope the audience will enjoy.”

“In ‘Born to Dance’ the audience will hear great classical works of master composers like Beethoven mixed with rock anthems like Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water and Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” read a statement by the group.

Marital arts also play an essential role in the group’s performances.

“We like to use our body flexibly and aesthetically,” said the Vivancos brothers.

“So there is a very strong dance on stage. In this show, martial arts are also on the stage with a fine aesthetic. There is kung-fu with flamenco on the stage and even kick boxing,” they added, noting that they look up to the flamenco greats.

“There are so many talented flamenco musicians in Spain but we all also appreciate Joaquin Cortes as one of the greatest flamenco dancers,” they said.

“I am sure everyone knows Paco de Lucia in Turkey. He is one of the greatest flamenco musicians ever and he is one of our favorites, too,” they added.

The brothers have some knowledge of Turkish music, particularly referring to megastar Tarkan.

“We have heard so much about Tarkan. We always learn so much about Turkish music and singers from our Turkish friends in Madrid and Istanbul,” they said, calling on their fans in Turkey to join them in the show.

“We have been a big family with our audience for a long time in Turkey,” they said.

“We look forward to being on the stage in Istanbul again. Istanbul is the right place to be called a capital of culture with its roots. Its combination of modernity and history is also very attractive for us,” they added.