Family tours Turkey in caravan

Family tours Turkey in caravan

Family tours Turkey in caravan

A couple has been touring Turkey in a caravan while photographing and documenting their journey by taking advantage of the extraordinary conditions caused by the pandemic.

Leaving their already rented house, Murat and Melike Cansu from the Mediterranean province of Antalya started living in a travel trailer, deciding to turn their dream of traveling freely into reality last month.

After quitting their jobs, the duo loaded equipment that they will use during their journey into the trailer and left the rest of their belongings to their families.

Taking their dog, Lilith, along with them, the family hit the roads with their caravan they called “Tosbavan” to discover the spots of Anatolia.

Traveling the beauties of nature side by side in pursuit of their dreams, the couple aims to complete their Turkey tour by the end of the year and then start a new trip abroad.

“We decided to live in a trailer to be free and live in nature. We were working full time, and now we are done with our jobs. This was our biggest dream,” Melike Cansu said.

Murat Cansu also noted that they went on a free journey with Tosbavan and discovered new places and new cultures.

Stressing that he experienced a lifestyle away from people and being alone with nature during the pandemic period, Cansu stated that he would definitely recommend the caravan life to free-spirited people who want to be free.