‘Examholic’ man enters 41st university exam in 59 years

‘Examholic’ man enters 41st university exam in 59 years

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‘Examholic’ man enters 41st university exam in 59 years

A man from the northern province of Samsun, who is called by his friends “examholic,” entered the annual university qualification exams on June 18 and 19, appearing for the 41st time.

“Rather than entering a university, I love sitting in exams,” 59-year-old Adem Topçuoğlu said.

Although he entered the exams, he has no intention of entering a university as he is already studying religious studies at a university.

“Next year, I will graduate and get my fifth diploma,” he said. “I already have four diplomas: Three associate degrees and one bachelor’s degree.”

When asked about the motive behind this behavior, he pointed out the year 1980, when he sat in his first university qualification exam.

“I successively sat in the exams for three years, but I could not succeed, so I did my military service,” he noted.

The time he spent in the army was the only time he did not enter an exam since he was 17.

“In time, I got experienced in taking exams and question styles,” he noted.

He also has something to say to the youth.

 “When they fail the exams and cannot enter a university, they think that’s the end of the world comes,” he said. “No, it is not. Once, twice… Try… I tell them, ‘See, this is my 41st time.’”

In Turkey, the vehicle plates start with traffic codes from 01 to 81, indicating in which of the 81 provinces the vehicle is registered.

From next year onward, Topçuoğlu will follow the traffic codes and enter the exams in that province. His 42nd exam attempt will be in the Central Anatolian province of Konya.

“People who are familiar with me invited me to sit in Konya for the next year’s exam as its traffic code is 42. I liked the idea, so I will then sit all exams following the plate numbers,” he added.

Accordingly, he will enter the 43rd in the Aegean province of Kütahya, 44th in the eastern province of Malatya and 45th in the Aegean province of Manisa.

The “examholic” Topçuoğlu also said he is eyeing to enter the Guinness World Records Book for sitting in the most number of exams.

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