Ex-operative gives testimony again

Ex-operative gives testimony again

Ex-operative gives testimony again

Former special operations police agent Ayhan Çarkın is currently under arrest.

Former special operations police agent Ayhan Çarkın, whose confessions regarding extrajudicial killings had led to the arrest of a number of other operatives, testified to an Ankara court yesterday in connection with an interview he gave to a daily newspaper. 

“The darkness will come to light, nothing will be left secret,” Çarkın reportedly told journalists several times while departing the Ankara courtroom.
Former special operations police agent Ercan Ersoy, who was arrested in connection with Çarkın’s confessions, also testified in court yesterday. Çarkın’s testimony came only one day after he told the daily Taraf that Tarık Ümit, a former member of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), was murdered by the police and he could lead investigators to the location where the body was buried. 

Confession to involvement in ‘murder gang’ 

“As far as I am concerned Ahmet Sakarya, Sami Gece, Behçet Oktay and Sait Yıldırım from our team did not die of natural causes. Somebody executed them. They wanted to execute me as well, but I was saved through Oğuz Yorulmaz’s help,” Çarkın said earlier. 
Çarkın confessed to his involvement in state-sponsored groups that committed hundreds of extrajudicial killings in the early 1990s during the fight between government forces and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). 
“My client said he repeated his earlier declarations and he stood behind the statements he made to a newspaper,” Çarkın’s lawyer Gülay Koçyiğit said. 
Çarkın also said he had not received any threats while in prison. 
Meanwhile, Hüseyin Aygün, a Tunceli deputy from the opposition People’s Republican Party (CHP), is set to meet with Çarkın on Dec. 26. 
“I will try to discern whether he wants to explain [his claims regarding unresolved murders]. I will tell [him] parliamentary commissions are, in a sense, laboring for the truth and they have carried into Parliament the major incidents of the 1990s,” said Aygün, who is also a member of the Parliament Human Rights Examination Commission.