Ex-minister Babacan says new party to be launched by late December

Ex-minister Babacan says new party to be launched by late December

Ex-minister Babacan says new party to be launched by late December

Turkey’s problems are getting bigger and the country has entered a “dark tunnel,” according to former Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan who resigned from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in July.

Babacan announced that he and some former AKP members are preparing to establish a new political party, which is planned to actualize by the end of December.

“For some time, we acted with the fear that we would damage the existing order. We were afraid of its burden. But the scales of conscience have changed in such a manner that we felt the burden will get heavier if we do nothing,” Babacan said in a rare interview with private broadcaster Habertürk on Nov. 26.

Babacan said that he assumes responsibility of the period he served as an AKP member as well as a part of the cabinet and that the inter-party democracy and party discipline remain in limbo in Turkey.

“There was diversion from principles, not only values. Turkey’s problems got bigger in every area. We saw that the country is entering a dark tunnel. We felt a serious responsibility,” he said.

When asked about his thoughts on the new presidential system, since he was not actively a part of the campaign but had not resigned at the time, Babacan said he did not support the system.

“I said ‘I cannot support this.’ After a while, we saw that [the system] is being mentioned with economic crises,” he said.

Regarding Turkey’s economic troubles and the newly launched economic plans by the government, Babacan said the said plans do not have an impact on the markets.

He also conveyed that some investors come to Turkey for short-term investments, for two of three months, but refrain from a long-term one because for that “judicial predictability” is needed.

Underlining that Turkey is experiencing record figures in youth unemployment rate, Babacan described the situation as “hunger amidst plenty.”

“We want Turkey to be a place of investment. We cannot partner with anyone who wants to make Turkey introverted in disguise of indigenousness. If we talk about nationalism, then we should follow the policies whose gains will be more for the country,” he said.

Even though Babacan did not disclose any details of the to-be established political party, he said the main agenda will be economy.

“We are working for a new future for Turkey, in every area. What we are doing is unparalleled. What we are doing, is what the country needs,” he said.

The former minister also conveyed that the new party will have people from every opinion and every region of Turkey. He also added that the party’s works include many young people and women.

AKP deputy chair responds to ex-minister’s remarks
AKP deputy chair responds to ex-minister’s remarks