Eurasian Economy Summit in Istanbul to discuss water, migration, energy

Eurasian Economy Summit in Istanbul to discuss water, migration, energy

Eurasian Economy Summit in Istanbul to discuss water, migration, energy

A wide range of interrelated issues, such as water, migration, religion, the role of artificial intelligence in energy and the economy, and the impact of religion on the advancement of technology, will be discussed at the Eurasian Economy Summit to be held in Istanbul on Feb. 6-7.

The summit, which is organized by the Marmara Group Foundation, one of Turkey’s leading reputable civil society organizations, will mark its 22nd anniversary, and over 40 countries are expected to participate with high-level representatives.

“I would like to point out that for a civil society organization to render sustainable an international event is not an easy order. The Marmara Group Foundation has managed to achieve this,” Akkan Suver, the president of the Marmara Group Foundation, said.

He noted that the Eurasian Economic Summit is regarded as a respectable project of dialogue and peace at international platforms.

“If countries are participating in an event, organized by a civil society institution with modest resources, with their presidents, prime ministers and ministers, our genuine efforts have a share in the success. The Eurasian Economic Summit is considered as a prestigious gathering in international spheres,” Suver said.

Wide range of topics

At the summit, a number of issues will be tackled, such as how the new global actors of China and India could shape the established geopolitical practices, whether globalization continue to be a mega-trend and what the impact of governments and NGOs will be in the future of globalization.

“We are going to evaluate the advent of artificial intelligence, what impact religion will have on the advancement of technology and the rising concern from terrorism. We will be discussing all these material subjects from a moral standpoint,” Suver said.

Suver stressed that he sees water as a key to peace rather than a source of conflict, saying that water and migration will emerge as the common expression for a devastating uncertainty, like war, in the future.

“We will elaborate on this matter in terms of water and religion. We believe that water and migration and water and religion are the main topics of the 21st century. We will be elaborating on the concerns regarding water at the summit with scientists and religious leaders.”

Suver also said they considered it a principle to give the “One Generation – One Path” project a place on the agendas of both the Marmara Group Foundation and the Eurasian Economic Summits.

“This idea, which we simply name as the Silk Road project, is a peace and stability project of our age. We continue to augment on this project not only with our own efforts but also at international platforms we participate in,” he said.

“Undertaking the ‘One Generation – One Path’ project solely on economic terms would be shortcoming. Its impact on prosperity will be significant. However, this project is equally an intercultural dialogue of multiculturalism project,” Suver added.

Suver also said that he had been awarded with Golden Legion of Merit and Medals of Honor by Albania, Romania and Austria due to his efforts in the Eurasian Economy Summits for the last two years.

At the summit, they will be signing a partnership and mutual workshop agreement with leading think tanks of Italy and Romania, according to Suver.

“These partnerships are no other than examples which illustrate the respectability of a modest civil thought institution from my country Turkey in the international arena,” he said.