Ergenekon suspect attends son’s funeral

Ergenekon suspect attends son’s funeral

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Ergenekon suspect attends son’s funeral

Hilmioğlu (L) and his wife attended their son’s funeral yesterday. AA photo

Former İnönü University Rector Fatih Hilmioğlu, who is currently under arrest in connection with the ongoing Ergenekon case, has been granted a four-day furlough from prison in order to attend the funeral of his son, Emir Hilmioğlu, on Oct. 16, but will not be allowed to spend the night with his family.

Fatih Hilmioğlu’s son, Emir Hilmioğlu, a law student at Başkent University, was killed in a traffic accident in Ankara on Oct. 14.

Not allowed to spend night at home

The court evaluated the suspect’s furlough request and granted Hilmioğlu two days out of jail and an additional two days for travel under police custody in order to participate in the funeral, Hayati Hilmioğlu said. Fatih Hilmioğlu was taken to Ankara Oct. 15 via territorial transport. Emir Hilmioğlu was laid to rest yesterday following noon prayers at Ankara’s Kocatepe Mosque.

While Istanbul’s 13th Court for Serious Crimes granted a four-day furlough to Fatih Hilmioğlu, the court did not permit him to spend the night at his home, daily Milliyet reported yesterday. The court orders required him to stay at his home during the daytime and spend the nights in prison for security reasons. Fatih Hilmioğlu and four gendarmerie officers arrived in Ankara by plane. An hour after he arrived at his home in Ankara’s Birlik neighborhood he was forced to leave upon the warnings of gendarmerie.

After leaving his home Fatih Hilmioğlu felt faint and was treated in an ambulance before being taken to Sincan prison.