Erdoğan slams ‘unjust’ Russian interventions in Syria, Ukraine

Erdoğan slams ‘unjust’ Russian interventions in Syria, Ukraine

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Erdoğan slams ‘unjust’ Russian interventions in Syria, Ukraine

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has slammed Russia’s “unjust” interventions in Syria and Ukraine while reiterating Turkish support for the latter’s government during a joint press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, in Ankara. 

“Russia says it entered Syria upon a call from the Syrian administration. I wonder who asked them to enter Ukraine? How will this fall in line with international law?” Erdoğan asked following the March 8 meeting, suggesting that Russian actions in the region could be summarized as “might makes right.”

The Turkish president called for the removal of foreign troops from Ukrainian territory and the re-establishment of control over the country’s border with Russia. 

In return, Poroshenko expressed his appreciation for Turkish support in the face of the “brutal violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” by Russia. “Turkey is a friend and partner,” he said. 

The leaders also expressed agreement over the “illegal annexation” of the autonomous region of Crimea in 2014. While Erdoğan told reporters that Russia had been “trampling over international law,” Poroshenko defined the “transformation of Crimea into a military base” as unacceptable. 

They pledged to act in cooperation in order to end the “temporary invasion” of Crime. 

Meanwhile, the Turkish president also praised the reforms and the economic renewal process being led by Poroshenko in Ukraine.

“A strong Ukraine, which has strengthened its political stability, is also a guarantee for regional peace and order,” he said. “On this point, all countries should support Ukraine and further increase their current contributions.”