Erdoğan says PKK, PYD and FETÖ entered NATO records as terror groups

Erdoğan says PKK, PYD and FETÖ entered NATO records as terror groups

Erdoğan says PKK, PYD and FETÖ entered NATO records as terror groups

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the PKK, PYD and FETÖ groups have entered NATO’s official records as terrorist organizations as a result of Türkiye’s unwavering efforts to ensure their recognition as terrorist organizations.

“The PKK, which was only in the European Union records until today, is no longer only in the European Union records. Now, together with it, PYD/YPG and FETÖ, which are terrorist organizations in real terms, have entered NATO’s records too. These have now taken their place in NATO’s official records,” he said on July 6, addressing the consultation and assessment meeting with former ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) mayors.

Türkiye agreed on June 28 to lift its opposition to Sweden and Finland joining NATO, after the Nordic countries committed to meet concerns of Ankara on the issues of terror and arms export. “Finland and Sweden confirm that the PKK is a proscribed terrorist organization. Finland and Sweden commit to preventing activities of the PKK and all other terrorist organizations and their extensions, as well as activities by individuals in affiliated and inspired groups or networks linked to these terrorist organizations,” the memorandum said.

Underlining that today’s Türkiye is capable of setting its own vision and taking the necessary steps towards that vision, Erdoğan said, “There is now a Türkiye which locks in on its targets with the strong infrastructure it has in every area from education and healthcare to security, judiciary, transportation, energy, urbanization and social aid.”

Erdoğan further stressed that formidable challenges across the world, such as the global financial crisis, global health crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war, have rendered the power in Türkiye’s possession more meaningful and precious. “Türkiye is closer more than ever to taking its distinguished place among the 10 most developed countries in the world,” he stated.

“Of course, there are troubles, pains and the price we pay. We know very well that the high cost of living, especially in the economy, is hurting our people,” he said.

Türkiye has made a “historical choice at the crossroads in 2018,” Erdoğan said, noting that the country intends to use its resources to increase employment, not financial illusions.

“With this understanding, we try to alleviate the problems we experience by increasing the income levels of fixed earners, from minimum wage to civil servants and pensioners,” the president said.

He emphasized that the fact that the world is on the verge of recession shows how accurate the Turkish economy program is, which is based on growing the country through investment, employment, production, exports and current account surplus.

“Maybe the purchasing power of our people has decreased a little due to high inflation, but we did not leave anyone unemployed, hungry or in deficit. Hopefully, we will continue on our way by keeping inflation under control by the months of next February and March. Undoubtedly, the economy is an important determinant in people’s political preferences, but it is never the only determinant,” Erdoğan stated.