Erdoğan says opposition’s attitude towards AKP 'pure fascism'

Erdoğan says opposition’s attitude towards AKP 'pure fascism'

Erdoğan says opposition’s attitude towards AKP pure fascism

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has blamed opposition parties in Turkey for displaying what he called “pure fascism” when they target the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

“We can understand the confusions outside, but we have difficulty understanding the confusions inside. We see the traces of pure fascism when we look at the threats of those who always talk about rights, law and justice towards the AK Party,” Erdoğan said speaking at the opening of Kağıthane Square via teleconference on Dec. 18.

Opposition circles go “crazy” when they see Turkey continuing its development despite the negative outcomes of the pandemic, Erdoğan said.

“What they say is, ‘We will close the AK Party when we take power. We will confiscate their businessmen, we will lock the door of media organizations that do not oppose the AK Party’,” the president said.

“Despite a global health crisis such as the pandemic and the increasingly deepening economic difficulties associated with it,
Turkey is not giving up its walk toward its goals and this surprises some of them, or even drives them crazy,” he stated.

Erdoğan accused the opposition of making efforts to prevent the country’s domestic and national industry, economy, trade and infrastructure.

He said that although the opposition parties blame the ruling AKP, they have not called out issues within their own parties.

“There have been so many harassments, rapes, theft in their parties, did they respond? They did not.”

Until 2023, the centennial of the Turkish Republic until which the ruling party has set goals, the government will tell the nation “these facts, its projects and what the AKP has done, without getting tired,” the president stated. “We will tell our citizens how important 2023 is for Turkey,” he added.

They will convince citizens on how important achieving 2023 goals is in order to reach the 2053 vision of Turkey, he said.