Erdoğan says judiciary should belong to Turkish nation

Erdoğan says judiciary should belong to Turkish nation

Erdoğan says judiciary should belong to Turkish nation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stressed on May 30 that the judiciary should not serve any interest groups or political parties but should solely serve the Turkish nation.

“It is beyond doubt that fair and rightful judgment is what will strengthen trust in judiciary. For this, the judiciary should belong to the Turkish nation, it should not serve an interest group, ideology or political view. The judiciary should solely decide for the sake of the Turkish nation,” Erdoğan said at an iftar dinner with judiciary members in the capital Ankara after he unveiled a judicial reform package.

“There falls immense responsibilities onto the shoulders of members of the judiciary, besides politicians, to reach this objective. We will endeavor to serve our citizens, by doing our jobs in the best way,” he added.

The president also put emphasis on the rule of law principle and said it should not be dishonored “under no circumstances.”

“It is of utmost importance not to dishonor the rule of law principle, while we fulfill our duties. We will not tolerate anyone cheating our citizens of their rights,” he said.

“We will attempt to deliver justice for each of 82 million citizens, regardless of their origins, financial situation and political view,” he added.

Turkey has heavily paid the price of the mistakes of the prior judicial system, he asserted, recalling the judicial system from 1970s and 1980s when many young people were “sent to the gallows” during the conflict between left-wing and right-wing groups, saying these were “days of sorrow” for the country. Scores of people were put on the death penalty during those days.

“As Turkey, we have been subjected to many important tests. Our country has faced new obstacles after every hardships it survived. The dosage of sabotages increased as Turkey advanced its independence in all means,” Erdoğan underlined.

“These attempts will continue as we devote ourselves to national perpetuity and as we courageously take steps to protect our national interests in Syria, Iraq, the Aegean and east Mediterranean seas, because this period marks others getting used to and accepting the great and strong Turkey,” he said.

If the perception towards impunity spreads, this would allow people seeking justice from “ruling elites,” not courts of justice, according to Erdoğan.

“Such a perception will spark off people seeking justice in other places instead of courtrooms. This is the greatest threat put towards the ontological existence of the state, meaning its perpetuity,” he said.

“There will not exist peace, comfort and stability in a society where trust against the judiciary is shaken,” the president stressed.