Erdoğan, CHP, MHP warn of ‘provocations’ amid tense climate in Turkey

Erdoğan, CHP, MHP warn of ‘provocations’ amid tense climate in Turkey

Erdoğan, CHP, MHP warn of ‘provocations’ amid tense climate in Turkey

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and two opposition parties have warned the public of possible provocations in separate statements issued as Turkey moves toward a Nov. 1 election amid a tense climate.

“Turkey is our common area of life, our common love, our common past and future. Turkey, which succeeded in coping with many troubles in the past, will also solve the problem of separatist terror,” Erdoğan said in a series of tweets on Sept. 8, referring to outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attacks.

“Our struggle is against terrorists and only terrorists. As citizens, we do our duty by not falling into the trap of incitement and provocations. I kindly ask our citizens to keep their common sense and fortitude during the process of the fight against terror,” he said.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP), too, made a similar call, instructing its grassroots organizations to be on alert against provocations and “any social event involving hate speech.”

“The scale of terror, our losses and the big picture that we find ourselves in are getting harder each day. The CHP and its devoted grassroots organizations has a great responsibility and duty in the face of this picture,” said the statement, signed by CHP’s Secretary General Gürsel Tekin and Deputy Chair Tekin Bingöl. 

“Pains that we are enduring should not lead to any provocation,” the statement also said, calling for common sense and restraint. “We will keep our stance against any understanding that divides our people from each other, shaking social peace. No social event involving hate speech will be allowed. Our organizations will do its historic duty for our country by becoming the voice of reason and peace despite all provocations.”

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), on the other hand, called for an "avoidance of outbursts and over-excitement." MHP chair Devlet Bahçeli said in a written statement on Sept. 8 that his followers "shouldn't be trapped by those who launch provocations and test the waters of Turkish-Kurdish enmity."

"Roads should not be paved for ethnic fighting and turmoil," Bahçeli said, while repeating his call to declare martial law in eastern and southeastern Turkey where where dozens of members of the security forces have been killed by PKK militants since July 20.