Erdoğan calls on AKP mayors to promote municipality works

Erdoğan calls on AKP mayors to promote municipality works

Erdoğan calls on AKP mayors to promote municipality works

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on June 23 called on his party’s mayors to present their works and efforts to the public and even hold their tender bids live for public visibility, urging them to practice fair and open zoning of municipality regulations.

“In particular, you need to put forward a fair and open work that will never leave room for doubt in zoning regulations. Likewise, make sure that the tender bids are transparent and even broadcast all the tenders live,” he said, addressing mayors of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

“Pay attention to the promotion of your work,” he added.

It has become very clear that it is not possible to win the hearts of citizens only through social media channels without effort, he said and added, “Social media municipality cannot and cannot replace service municipality.”

AKP mayors’ success “in winning the hearts of the nation will also affect the outcome of the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2023,” Erdoğan emphasized. The AKP has increased the power of local administrations with the reforms implemented in the last 19 years, he said.

“I am talking about an honest municipal vision that values citizens and seeks solutions to their problems,” the president noted.

He urged mayors to attend to the problem of citizens on the spot and take care of them, asking them to get in touch with the citizens personally.

“It is our most important duty to be modest and to expand our work with humility. Again, I remind you that we need to prepare for 2023 in this way,” the president stated.

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