Turkey's goals for year 2023 to shape entire region, President Erdoğan says

Turkey's goals for year 2023 to shape entire region, President Erdoğan says

Turkeys goals for year 2023 to shape entire region, President Erdoğan says

Turkey will shape the future of the entire region when it reaches its goals for 2023, the centennial anniversary of the Turkish Republic, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, adding that Turkey is on the threshold of new victories and successes.

“As has been in every period of our history, we are, today as well, putting up a struggle for all the oppressed and wronged who have pinned their hopes on us as well as for ourselves. This magnanimity is not a weakness of our country, but quite the contrary, it is its biggest source of strength. Turkey reaching its goals for 2023 will shape the future of our entire region along with that of ours,” Erdoğan said on Aug. 29 in a message marking Turkey’s Victory Day.

Turkey will mark the 96th anniversary of the Victory Day, when Turks claimed victory against occupying Greek forces during the country’s War of Independence.

“I remember Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the commander-in-chief of our War of Independence, and all the members of our military who gifted us this victory, with gratitude and respect, and wish God’s mercy upon our martyrs and veterans,” Erdoğan said.

“This last link in the chain of victories achieved in the month of August has taken its place in history as one of the symbols representing the Turkish nation’s determination to protect its independence and future,” he added.

The Aug. 30 victory is the “embodiment of this determination of ours reviving yet again,” Erdoğan stressed, recalling that a similar struggle was led by the Turkish nation in the July 2016 failed coup attempt for the protection of its independence and future against what he called imperialist desires.

“Just like the other victories of ours, Aug. 30, as well, indicates that no matter how difficult the conditions are, there is always an open path in front us for success,” he stated. Erdoğan stressed that the distance Turkey has covered over the past 16 years has proven that this is possible.

“I believe that we are on the threshold of new victories and new successes today as well. We will definitely win this struggle, too, together with those who have trust in Turkey and the Turkish nation,” he stated.

Top soldier vows to fight terror

In a separate message, Chief of Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, who was recently appointed as the country’s top soldier, also marked the 96th anniversary of the Victory Day.

The army will “continue the struggle against terror until the last terrorist is neutralized,” he vowed.

“We will continue to contribute to world peace and stability within the scope of our cross-border operations and duties,” he added.

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