‘Epidemic’ warning from physician in quake zone

‘Epidemic’ warning from physician in quake zone

‘Epidemic’ warning from physician in quake zone

If preventive measures related to sanitation are not taken, a wide range of contagious diseases from cholera to never-before-seen intestinal infections can be encountered in quake zone soon, according to physicians in the quake zone.

Thousands of people lost their lives in the quakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, while many people were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Prof. Dr. Eylem Ulaş Saz, a member of the Pediatrics Department at Ege University, voluntarily went to the quake zone with many of his colleagues and treated quake victims.

Saz stated that they established a 16-bed general pediatric service and provided services to nearly 2,000 children, some of them rescued from the rubble.

Saz touched upon the types of illnesses they witnessed in children in the quake zone, adding that intestinal and respiratory tract infections were the most common.

According to Saz, their team also observed lung infections called pneumonia and upper respiratory tract infections.

He stated there were many problems due to poor hygiene, lack of toilets, lack of proper sanitation and water shortage.

Stressing that if necessary measures are not taken as soon as possible, Saz said that many contagious diseases are to be expected, and even deaths from dehydration and shock.

Saz also noted that more volunteer pediatricians are needed in the region.

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