Eid holiday starts with rainfall across country

Eid holiday starts with rainfall across country

Eid holiday starts with rainfall across country

The three-day Eid holiday has started with rainfall in all seven regions of the country, with wind speed reaching up to 50 kilometres per hour in the western provinces.

“There will be pelting rain and thundery showers across all the country’s coastal and eastern provinces,” the Turkish State Meteorological Service said.

According to the bureau, temperatures will only rise in the Central Anatolian and the southeastern provinces until the end of the week.

“Istanbul will witness rain throughout the Eid holiday. The precipitation in Anatolia will continue until May 10 from place to place,” meteorologist Hüseyin Öztel said on May 2.

Snowfall is also expected in the highest regions in the east of Turkey, the meteorologist added.

Meanwhile, the eastern provinces of Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa awoke to perpetual precipitation that left streets flooded on May 2.

Many vehicles submerged in floods where the elevation of the water reached half a man’s height. Locals in Adıyaman saved two women from the flooding.

“We have experienced the heaviest rain experienced in the last few years in just a few hours,” Adıyaman Mayor Süleymen Kılınç said on May 2.

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