Eastern Mediterranean attracts diving enthusiasts

Eastern Mediterranean attracts diving enthusiasts

Eastern Mediterranean attracts diving enthusiasts

The coastal part of the eastern province of Hatay’s Arsuz district has become a frequent destination for diving enthusiasts thanks to its various species, bottom structure and underwater formations.

The city, which is home to nice beaches, stands out with its suitable climatic conditions, the opportunity to dive 12 months of the year, and the spots where divers of all levels can engage in activities.

Those who dive on the beaches, which host natural reefs and various underwater creatures, get the opportunity to discover many different living species.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Adana Underwater and Nature Sports Club (ASDEM) President İhsan Öd said that the beaches of Hatay were a center of attraction for diving enthusiasts.

Stating that the region is home to different sea creatures that come every season, Öd said, “We observed that the habitat started to change completely as the seas warmed up. We saw many different creatures, some of which are those which we saw for the first time.”

Speaking about the region, Öd said: “Living things are a little denser in this region. I can say that they can use this place as a home. This is a lively area; we recommend it to divers. For underwater life, the region is not as cold as other regions, so the habitat is not constantly sheltered. Living things enter the gulf, and after a certain time, they leave the gulf and go to our other seas. We have the opportunity to see every living creature for the first time before the other divers diving in the seas could see.”

Erkan Say, who came to the region to receive diving training from Adana, said that he was diving for the first time.

“I saw colorful phosphoric fish. The rocks in the sea were lined up beautifully. I had the opportunity to see the beauties like a documentary film,” Say said.

Özgün Köse, another diver in the region, said he had observed many living species underwater, adding, “Many different fish species come and go from the sea. Underwater is more beautiful than the above. It is truly a must-see. We get very excited when we see a different fish.”

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