Düzce quake victims commemorated 21 years on

Düzce quake victims commemorated 21 years on

Düzce quake victims commemorated 21 years on

The victims of the 1999 Düzce earthquake, one of the most devastating earthquakes in the history of modern Turkey, were commemorated in Turkey’s northwestern provinces on Nov. 12, as concerns over a potential disaster of similar magnitude continue to prevail.

Locals and organizations in Düzce and neighboring Sakarya province gathered for commemoration ceremonies to mark the 21st year of the 7.2-magnitude earthquake, which lasted just 45 seconds but led to the death of 2,679 people.

A 45-second minute of silence, representing the duration of the earthquake, was observed for those who lost their lives, accompanied by sirens when the hours showed 6:57 p.m., the exact moment when the quake struck on Nov. 12, 1999.

Members of the Düzce Earthquake Victims Association (DEPDER) came together in front of Anıtpark in the city and lit candles to commemorate the deceased loved ones.

Speaking after the ceremony, Ali Kartal, a Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) official, reminded that nearly 12,000 buildings were severely and moderately damaged in the city following the earthquake.

Emphasizing that the earthquake was a major devastation for Düzce, Kartal noted that 50,000 detached buildings were damaged throughout the city due to this natural disaster.

Turkey sits atop one of the most seismically active spots in the world with the North Anatolian Fault and neighboring faults covering most of the country.

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake that took place in Turkey’s Aegean coast on Oct. 30 that killed 115 people once again reminded the nation that the country can be hit by a devastating earthquake any time.