Dutch firms make plans for possible Greek exit

Dutch firms make plans for possible Greek exit

THE HAGUE - Agence France-Presse
Dutch diplomats in Greece have helped Dutch companies to prepare emergency plans similar to those used in natural disasters in case Greece ends up leaving the eurozone, a report said yesterday.

“The Netherlands has started to prepare Dutch companies in Greece in case of a possible exit from the eurozone,” the Dutch daily Volkskrant reported, citing an unnamed diplomatic source.

The possibility that Greece might end up leaving the eurozone despite huge efforts to keep it in, has become known as a “Grexit” scenario.

Diplomats in Athens had made an inventory of possible risks and had planned emergency measures, the paper said.

The plans were shared a few months ago with Dutch companies during a confidential meeting in June -- just before Greek polls which eventually led to a pro-euro coalition deal being struck in Athens.


Exact details were unknown, said the Volkskrant, but it was drawn up from emergency measures used by the Dutch embassy covering such events as an earthquake or other natural disaster.

The behind-closed-doors meeting was organized by Dutch diplomats after Dutch companies said they were worried about cash-strapped Greece’s position within the eurozone.

Companies doing business in Greece included brewing giant Heineken, food and cosmetics supplier Unilever and electronics maker Philips, as well as other smaller concerns like travel agencies.

News of the meeting was bound to ruffle feathers as the Dutch government have always stressed Greece should remain within the eurozone, said the paper.