Dolmas Recipe: How to Cook & Make Dolmas Recipe (Best, Easy and Simple)

Dolmas Recipe: How to Cook & Make Dolmas Recipe (Best, Easy and Simple)

Dolmas Recipe: How to Cook & Make Dolmas Recipe (Best, Easy and Simple)

Dolma is the name of the family of stuffed dishes prepared in the Balkans, South Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East. Vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes are cooked as the main ingredient when making dolma. These vegetables are stuffed with rice or meat. Dolmas with meat are usually served with tahini or avgolemono sauce. Dolmas with olive oil and rice are usually served with yogurt with garlic.


1 kg. green pepper

6 onions

3 tablespoons of currant

2 tablespoons of pine nuts

2 tablespoons of sugar

3 coffee cups of rice

1 pinch of salt

1 pinch of black pepper

1 pinch of allspice

250 ml. olive oil


Chop the onions into small pieces. To roast the chopped onions, pour olive oil into the heated pan. Put the onions in a pot and roast them over medium heat. To empty the peppers, cut off the top and remove the seeds from the pepper. Do not throw away the tops of the green peppers that you have cut, because you can use them as caps after you put the ingredients in the pepper. You can also use a slice of tomato as a cover.

Soak the currants in hot water.

Add the pre-soaked rice into the roasted onion. Add sugar, salt, pepper and allspice to it. Add the pine nuts to the mixture. Strain the juice of the currants and add them to the mixture. Cook this mixture over medium heat until it gets soft.

The inner ingredients are ready to be put into the green peppers. Put the prepared mixture into green peppers with a small spoon.

Place the filled peppers in a pot. Cover the tops of the peppers with the upper parts of green peppers you cut or with a tomato slice. Pour hot water from the sides of the pan so that it does not get over the peppers. Cook the dolmas over low heat.






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