‘Digital twins’ of cities to be prepared: Vice President

‘Digital twins’ of cities to be prepared: Vice President

‘Digital twins’ of cities to be prepared: Vice President

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay has announced that the officials are preparing “digital twins,” a simulation project formed with images from drones to monitor all the 81 provinces.

Speaking at a council organized by the directorate general of geographic information systems, an affiliate of the Environment Ministry, Oktay introduced the project.

“The changes in the cities have been monitored with satellites. We have finished delivering all images taken by [Turkish satellite] Göktürk-1 to all the public institutions.”

“Besides, we are preparing digital twins of all the cities with the help of the drones.”

When asked what the project would bring, Oktay added, “With the ‘Digital Twins,’ it will be easier to make predictions about city management, monitor the ecosystems, produce models and find out alternative actions.”

“2023 will be a year when Türkiye will get into a higher level with the usage of the geographical data,” he added.

According to its official website, the directorate general of geo-information systems was “constituted to carry out the tasks and procedures regarding the building, utilization and development of the spatial data infrastructure and urban information systems used by the local authorities to manage their data related to planning, mapping, infrastructure and superstructure.”

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