Demirören Holding grows as Turkey grows, says Yıldırım Demirören

Demirören Holding grows as Turkey grows, says Yıldırım Demirören

Demirören Holding grows as Turkey grows, says Yıldırım Demirören

Demiören Holding has been growing in parallel with Turkey’s growth, the holding’s chairman Yıldırım Demirören has said.

“Demirören Holding has added value to the country’s economy in its history of more than 60 years, has implemented tens of investments and has provided employment to thousands of people,” Demirören said at a meeting with Milangaz distributors.

“We have reached this success with our founder and eternal chairman Erdoğan Demirören’s 100 percent domestic and national capital policy. We have continued to invest in this land in the toughest 60 years of economic and industrial development without losing our belief in the country for a moment. As Turkey grew, so did Demirören Holding and it is continuing to grow.”

What made Milangaz a success story has been cooperation, Demirören said.

“What makes our cooperation more valuable is to work for a common goal hand in hand as a family,” he said.

“Milangaz, our first investment in energy, has grown in 47 years with the help of our business partners. The presence of you, our esteemed partners, enabled us to reach out to our country. We reach every day from Edirne to Ardahan, from Trabzon to Hatay in 81 provinces and 45,000 houses. This means 1 million per month and 12 million households a year. Now we’re going to run to a bigger goal together. Our aim is to make Milangaz a leader in the sector,” he added.

Demirören recalled the holding’s investments in different sectors.

“As Demirören Holding, we contribute to the Turkish economy in many sectors ranging from energy to tourism, from media to automotive, from education to industry, from real estate to technology. With the sectors in which we operate throughout Turkey, we directly reach more than 75 million people. The synergy created by this is the reason all our brands strengthen together.”

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