Death toll from bootleg alcohol rises in Tekirdağ

Death toll from bootleg alcohol rises in Tekirdağ

Death toll from bootleg alcohol rises in Tekirdağ

The death toll from bootleg alcohol has risen to at least six in the Çorlu district of the northwestern province of Tekirdağ while more people are going to hospitals for alcohol poisoning.

The first fatality was reported last week, and the victim was identified as a Pakistani national. Ikhlague Hussam was found unconscious on a street on June 24 and was taken to hospital. The doctors determined that Hussam lost his life due to bootleg alcohol consumption.

Over the weekend, the number of people who were admitted to hospital and who died from alcohol poisoning increased.

Since June 25, 24 people have applied to hospitals for suspected poisoning from bootleg alcohol, while at least six, including one woman, have died, according to local authorities.

Around 16 people are under intensive care, with eight of those intubated.

Following the incident, local police raided several shops and a house, confiscating 52 liters of illegally produced alcohol.

Five people were detained in connection with the bootleg alcohol and two suspects have been arrested so for.

At least 92 people in 14 provinces died of alcohol poisoning within the space of 70 days last year.

Bootleg alcohol is made using low-cost methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol.

The consumption of illegally distilled liquor can cause permanent blindness, metabolic disturbances and death.