Criticism mounts over film depicting Feb 6 quakes

Criticism mounts over film depicting Feb 6 quakes

Criticism mounts over film depicting Feb 6 quakes

The film depicting the twin earthquakes in the country’s south has sparked controversy as the set crew shot the scenes among the ruins of the collapsed buildings, and scenes featuring search and rescue operations filmed in a manner that could be seen as insensitive by the earthquake survivors still grappling with fresh trauma.

As the rubble-filled streets of the disaster-stricken city of Hatay transformed into a film set, a petition campaign was launched on social media to cancel the shooting of the film.

The local media reported that the film's premiere will take place on Feb. 6, the anniversary of the disaster, the film crew was accused of exploiting the feelings of earthquake survivors and insensitivity by reenacting scenes similar to the traumas experienced just eight months ago.

Releasing a written statement regarding the film, The Hatay Earthquake Solidarity group stated, "We want you to know that if the film project continues with the same insensitivity, public pressure will be applied for its cancellation."

"As earthquake survivors, we believe that rather than presenting this tragedy as a film, it should be a work that transparently portrays the experiences and hardships of the individuals, taking on a documentary-like quality."

"Our pain is still fresh, and our traumas are triggered every day. We know that this film, shot in front of earthquake survivors, will deeply affect all earthquake victims."

They also noted that a production that supports the people of Hatay without exploiting their pain and narrates the truth in a more neutral manner would be welcomed.

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