Commandos start standing guard at dried lake

Commandos start standing guard at dried lake

Manisa – Demirören News Agency
Commandos start standing guard at dried lake

Turkish commandos have started taking guard at the area of Lake Marmara, which was once a bird sanctuary, following deadly land conflicts that occurred after the lake dried up in the western province of Manisa.

The lake, located between the borders of the districts of Salihli, Saruhanlı and Gölmarmara, was a registered “wetland of national importance.”

Once a home to 20,000 waterfowl from 101 different species of endangered birds such as crested pelicans and cormorants, the lake dried up over time and the boats settled on the rock, and the fishing was over.

Local farmers occupied the area with the formation of deep crevices after the lake dried up and opened to agriculture.

However, discussions began to take place among the farmers who could not agree on the sharing of the lake.

As a result of four different land conflicts, a man died and two people were injured. Three of the eight suspects taken into custody were arrested. The gendarmerie confiscated seven shotguns and a pistol used in the events.

Regional authorities applied a significant fine of 1.7 million Turkish Liras ($96,577) to the farmers in dispute who were caught while occupying the Marmara Lake.

To prevent new fights, soldiers from a local military base took charge and were assigned to watch the dried lake.

The soldiers took the first guard at the region on July 20.