Coffee lovers to meet at festival

Coffee lovers to meet at festival

Coffee lovers to meet at festival The 3rd Istanbul Coffee Festival will bring the gusto of the third wave of coffee trends to KüçükÇiftlik Park for four days between Oct. 6 and 9 to be enjoyed by every level of coffee enthusiast.

The festival was established with the aim of supporting coffee culture and providing a meeting place for people who are interested in coffee, whether they are professional baristas, coffeehouse owners or those who are newcomers to coffee. 

The festival will be a celebration of caffeine with degustation of coffee and food samples, tasting from local and international rosters, presentation of various coffeehouses and baristas and drinking good coffee at La Marzocco’s Artisan Bar, as well as interactive workshops of brewing methods, live music, DJs, art exhibitions and much more.

After the first wave, prioritizing the packaging of coffee and its global introduction for marketing without any focus on quality coffee consumption but on sales as a commodity, the second wave settled in with the introduction of the term “pleasure of coffee” into the market.

The third wave is now developing and expanding, not only throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S. but in Istanbul as well, prioritizing the coffee itself, its origins, quality of production and styles of brewery with the unique style of living and the culture of its own.

The goal of the festival is to bring Istanbul to the global stage of this wave and this culture with its tremendous potential. 

Tickets can be purchased from Biletix.