CNR Book Fair to raise awareness of disabled

CNR Book Fair to raise awareness of disabled

CNR Book Fair to raise awareness of disabled The 3rd CNR Book Fair will be held in Istanbul between March 4 and 13 with more than 900 events at the CNR EXPO Yeşilköy. 

Coming from 19 countries, including Germany, Mexico, Bosnia-Herzegovina, England, Macedonia, Argentina, Columbia, 104 publishing houses will join the fair. 

The fair will also open the “Arabic Countries Publishers Special Section” for 85 publishing houses from the nine countries of Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and U.A.E.

Last year, 250 brands were at the fair; this year, their number has increased to 600. Alfa, Martı Nesil, Doğan Kitap, Timaş, Tübitak, Profil, Beyaz Balina, İz, Kırmızı Kedi, Yeditepe, Ötüken, Yakamoz, Edam,Yapı Kredi Yayınları, İşbankası Yayınları, Semerkand, Damla, Nobel, Tezkire, İnsan, Diyanet, Sedir and Pegasus will be among the publishing houses at the fair. 

The fair will be held around the theme “An Accessible World” and the fair’s honorary writer will be Professor Semavi Eyice, who is known for his books on the Ottoman and Byzantine arts and his library of some 30,000 books. 

Many writers including Aydın Altay, Kemal Özer, Elif Yüksel, Sefa Saygılı, Aysel Uçan and Şafak Güçlü will also attend the fair to meet with visitors. 

Works published by the disabled, along with cultural events focusing on disabled issues will be featured in the fair. Conferences will be held for the disabled, too. 

Held on an area measuring 25,000 square meters, the 3rd CNR Book Fair expects to host nearly 400,000 visitors this year. 

As last year marked the centenary of the Battle of the Dardenelles, the fair’s theme was dedicated to the battle with previously unseen photos of the war displayed during the fair.