Clocks paused in Turkey for more than one second

Clocks paused in Turkey for more than one second

Clocks paused in Turkey for more than one second Scientists added one second to the earth’s time on June 30, 2015. This was because the earth lost one second rotating while the atomic clock has not lost anything. To catch up with the atomic clock, since they could not speed up the rotation of the earth, they added some time to the virtual time to synchronize with actual time.

Got it? Who are they? Why are they playing with time? Is this the end the world? 

It actually is. This is how the world will come to an end. I mean it; I’m serious. This slowing down of the rotation of the earth is one scenario for the end of the world. Add these one seconds to each other and as earth slows down, this planet will not be habitable (as if it is habitable now). There are signs of extinct humanity, especially in the Middle Eastern region of the earth. 

Anyway, these kind of scientific adjustments do not apply to Turkey, our beloved country, which has another clock. The same scientists, what they call the “Time Lords” of the world, cannot measure anything correctly when they are in Turkey. Time stopped here long time before the world’s leap second adjustment on June 30. Clocks are not going forward but are going backward here, almost a second an hour.  

“There are consequences of tinkering with time,” said Peter Whibberley, senior research scientist in the Time and Frequency group at the National Physical Library (NPL). 

Well said, sir, very well said. What a profound meaning this sentence has on us. Of course this senior scientist is speaking scientifically but I hear other facts echoed when I adapt this concept to Turkey. When time is tinkered with, yes, of course there are grave consequences. What a superb explanation of what has happened in Turkey. 

Whibberley also said, “Because leap seconds are only introduced sporadically it is difficult to implement them in computers and mistakes can cause systems to fail temporarily.” 

Oh, sir. Don’t we know about system failures in Turkey? Sir, we are experts in time lapses and system failures here. Why don’t you move your headquarters to Sivas, Turkey? Come and set up your equipment in front of what used to be the Madımak Hotel, where 35 intellectuals were torched to death by extremists on July 2, 1993; it was when time went back about 25 centuries. Then you will see how time lapses backward.
Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down by around two thousandths of a second per day. In Turkey and in places such as Sivas, the Madımak Hotel and in Kahramanmaraş, where 105 Alevis were butchered in December 1978, time was slowed down beyond scientific calculations.
Leap seconds are essential to ensuring that atomic time does not drift away from time based on the Earth’s spin. If not corrected, such a drift would eventually result in clocks showing the middle of the day occurring at night. This is actually what is happening in Turkey now. We are governed by politicians who are incapable of doing elementary school second grade mathematics. We are stuck in the 1970s, if not earlier, when the actual time is 2015… 

This was too much science for one weekend. I’m not used to it. I’ll have a Turkish coffee without sugar to get back to my senses… I am still living in Istanbul and I don’t need to hide that I am drinking coffee during the fasting period in the month of Ramadan. Here, in this part and certain other parts of Istanbul, we still respect believers, non-believers and non-practicing Muslims. Time is correct here.