Cinema Ensemble and Leao to to play for İş Sanat stage

Cinema Ensemble and Leao to to play for İş Sanat stage

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Cinema Ensemble and Leao to to play for İş Sanat stage

Concert of Rodrigo Leao and Cinema Ensemble will take place on at İş Sanat’s stage Jan 14. at 8 p.m.

Having a singular and extremely rich career connected to some of the most important moments of the Portuguese music scene post 1980, Rodrigo Leão is one of the most eagerly awaited guests of İş Sanat on Jan. 14.

After his collaborations with his co-founded groups Sétima Legião and Madredeus, Leão started his own solo career, revealing an unusual artistic unconformity. With his solo debut he started to explore new sounds getting closer to some contemporary classical music and minimalism and started a journey that has led him to many different sensibilities: “In my music you will find Michael Nyman, tango or French music,” he said.

Rodrigo Leao’s solo work explores a combination of modern-classic compositions with a more traditional song format and instrumentation.

His album “Cinema,” in which the eclectic roots of his music and the influence of cinema were well appreciated, was very successful in the Portuguese market, topping the list in sales and selling out promotional concerts in Portugal and Spain.

Leao also marked his sign incollaborations with artists such as Beth Gibbons and Ryuichi Sakamoto, both featured on the album “Cinema,” are also proof of the range of Rodrigo’s music and its universal appeal that made him a composer in demand for TV scores in Portugal.

Never ending career story of Leao
Now there’s a new chapter in the never-ending story of Leão’s career. It’s called “A Mãe” and it’s an ambitious work with the contribution of such artists as Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon and Tindersticks’ Stuart A. Staples or Melingo, the great ambassador of Argentina’s new tango. “The new songs,” Rodrigo explained, “were written on the move, with different windows opened to the world, and that allowed me to explore different emotions, different looks.

Although there are some more joyful songs, this is a record that I made turned to myself, to the inside.”

The audinces will discover the music of Rodrigo Leao with the Cinema Ensemble.

The new record of the artist features songs that were written in such places as the United States, Italy and India. “I recorded street sounds, children playing, birds singing. And sometimes even with my mobile phone,” he said. The concert starts at 8 p.m. Tickets for the concert can be found at and in the İşSanat ticket booths. İş Sanat concert stage is at the Levent Towers at Levent district of Istanbul.